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Honey Harvest Time

  • Have friends and or customers return containers to you for a refill to cut down on waste. Glass jars can be used for bath gels, bath salts, lotions, balms, creams and ointments. Metal tins are good for balms, salves and creams. Glass jar weights vary depending on ingredients it is filled with. A small glass jar of honey (approximately 1.75 inches in height by 1.75 inches in diameter) with a lid is about 2 ounces. (2)
  • Besides the sugar scrub recipe below that uses honey naturalcrafts.glorybee.com also has a good bath salts and basic lotion recipe. Some bath salt dyes can be irritating and there are natural colorants such as Calendula or Lavender.

Four Different Types of Honey

  • Whipped honey – requires extra effort
  • Extracted honey
  • Comb honey – beeswax and honey are edible. Contains less honey
  • Chunk honey – nice natural look

Can designate a different hive for each type of honey.


Candle making

  • can place beeswax candles throughout the home for a nice aroma
  • beeswax makes a more smokeless and dripless candles more or less has smokeless and dripless characteristics
  • beeswax candles burn more slower and have a higher melting point (145 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • soy-based wax can be used for candle making but it is not recommended to blend with other waxes. Ecosoya (R) is a soy-based wax free from pesticides (2)
  • detailed object candle molds work best with harder waxes such as beeswax (2)
  • most candle molds have a hole in the bottom for the wick and it can be blocked to use the mold for soapmaking (2)
  • there are petroleum-based waxes and more natural waxes such as soy and beeswax (2)
  • fragrance can be added to candles with candle-safe essential/fragrance oils (2)
  • tea light molds can be used to make floating candles see http://www.theartofdoingstuff.com/how-to-make-floating-candlespart-ii/ Essential oil may be added to the water
  • naturalcrafts.glorybee.com has many DIY craft ideas (2) Shrink bands can be used to protect jars from tampering, a blow dryer or heat gun can be used for a tight fit

Sugar Scrub From Glory Bee

NaturalCrafts.GloryBee.com Back of a 2014 GloryBee catalog

The ingredients in this recipe help exfoliate the skin, balance its oil production, and keep it feeling fresh, hydrated and soft. It’s also fun to make!

Just follow the instructions below and don’t be afraid to use your hands!!


  • 2 cups Demerara Sugar
  • 2/3 cup honey
  • 1 Tbsp sweet almond oil
  • 5-10 drops Fragrance or essential oil


In a bowl, mix the sugar and honey well. Saturate with sweet almond oil to your preference and mix again. Add the fragrance or essential oil, mix again. Add dried herbs if desired and then store in clean, airtight container.

To use the sugar scrub, gently massage in circular motions over your entire body…but not your face. Wash off in the shower or tub.

Substitutions and Additions

Add a tablespoon of aloe vera in the sugar scrub for a soft, smooth finish for your skin.

Substitute the sweet almond oil for coconut oil or olive oil.

Can use brown sugar or sea salt in place of demerara sugar.


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