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Understanding the Causes of Eating Disorders

Below is a helpful article on eating disorders from Jasmine, a visitor to this blog, from   Eating disorders affect an estimated 8 million Americans, across many ages and ethnicities. It can affect men or women, and it shows no discrimination when it comes to the lives it destroys. One of the most difficult [...]

Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Below is a custom intro copy I received in my blog email, michelle [at] It is always exciting when I receive emails from actual blog visitors as I do not get a lot of them and it helps me actually believe the statistics shown on the blog c-panel that after several years there are [...]

Get Wise To Your Advisor Book Review

This is a brief synopsis on the book Get Wise To Your Advisor: How to Reach Your Investment Goals Without Getting Ripped Off by Steven D. Lockshin (John Wiley & Sons, Inc. (C) 2013). First, allow me to mention I read the book rather casually as advisors and Wall Street are rather distant and foreign concepts to [...]

Basic Checking Account Register

To help organize myself and keep track of my expenses I ended up typing the PDF, Word, and OpenDocument Texts attached below. They are just basic and have space for the date, transaction, deposit, withdrawal, and balance. You can change the color or title of the charts and or add columns etc. Word and OpenOffice [...]

Love You More

Just thought this was a nice video I found on the website  That website is very nice and has some good articles. The permalink for the video is The song is “Love You More” by Above the Golden State. I could not find the lyrics online as of writing this, I think it [...]

Wedding Anniversary Gifts

I found this chart of wedding anniversary gifts on the back of one of those free calendars businesses sometimes give out and thought is was a nice reference.  It is general information and some of it may be slightly off, but it is mainly from Wikipedia and the back of a free business calendar. This [...]

Alfie Kohn Good Job Article

Below is an article I found while looking through some of my folders and binders from my days as an elementary education major at Illinois State University (ISU). Alfie Kohn had some interesting books he wrote on his site ( such as The Homework Myth and The Case Against Standardized Testing. Definitely there are high [...]

Baby Paluzza 2011

I attended a Baby or Bébé Paluzza event quite some time ago and jotted down websites to nearly every booth that was there. The presentations were great and there were quite a few people and booths there. It was quite overwhelming just seeing the booths with all the products available. I received many free samples [...]

Tips For Allergy Relief

I have suffered with bad allergies ever since I received my cat around the time I was in eighth grade. Before then I am sure I suffered from seasonal hay fever. When I got my cat from the shelter a few months after having her around the house I had horrible problems with sneezing and [...]

La Leche League Illinois Conference Review

On Saturday, March 10, 2012 I was lucky enough to attend one day of the La Leche League of Illinois Breastfeeding and Parenting Conference. I was not aware of the conference until a friend/acquaintance of mine that is a doula (which is basically the name for a certified and trained birth assistant) informed me of the [...]