Self Care

Understanding the Causes of Eating Disorders

Below is a helpful article on eating disorders from Jasmine, a visitor to this blog, from   Eating disorders affect an estimated 8 million Americans, across many ages and ethnicities. It can affect men or women, and it shows no discrimination when it comes to the lives it destroys. One of the most difficult [...]


Below I have typed a chart that can be printed out for taking basic body measurements such as the waist  and hips and neck. Knowing your measurements is good for shopping and sewing patterns and tracking exercise results. I actually have this page in a binder I use regularly with period tracking charts from [...]

50 Ways To Wear A Scarf Book Review

As the title of the book implies, 50 Ways To Wear A Scarf by Lauren Friedman goes over 50 ways to wear a scarf plus rather brief information on the history of the scarf and storing scarves. The author has a blog called My Closet in Sketches and is also a stylist and artist. The book is [...]

Henna Hair Dye

I was inspired to try henna in my hair after reading an article in HealthKeepers Magazine entitled, “You Can Change Your Hair Color Without Harsh Chemicals, Naturally.” Henna is a small tree native to northern Africa and parts of Asia. The leaves are dried and turned into a powder. Henna powder is also called mendhi, [...]

Tips For Allergy Relief

I have suffered with bad allergies ever since I received my cat around the time I was in eighth grade. Before then I am sure I suffered from seasonal hay fever. When I got my cat from the shelter a few months after having her around the house I had horrible problems with sneezing and [...]