Sewing Machine Box Photos

Below I have some photos of the box my sewing machine came in. I have since purchased a carrying case for the sewing machine and have used the box for storage of beekeeping supplies and eventually got rid of it. This is just in case I ever wonder what the box looked like or wanted [...]

Blue Winter Tree Cross Stitch Kit Slideshow

The slideshow below is made up of twenty photos I took of a blue winter tree cross stitch kit I completed. It is posted on YouTube also. As of writing this it is my second uploaded YouTube video. My first one is a watercolor logo sketch video. I decided to frame the blue winter tree [...]

Craft Projects April 2017

Below are some photos of projects I completed this month and a few months prior. The paint-by-number and cross stitch of a winter tree were purchased on eBay. The coloring canvas is of Johanna Basford’s Secret Garden (#johannabasford 10″ x 10″ or 25 cm x 25 cm). I used felt tip markers to color [...]

Star of David Bead Embroidery

To the right are pictures of a Star of David bead embroidery craft project I finished. As far as I currently know, a lot of bead embroidery is done by hand and I wanted a craft project a machine could not easily copy. The star is currently hanging on my living room wall in an [...]

Artist Websites

I have pasted below what I had posted as a page under sewing and then art. It is a list of art related and artist websites I found on Twitter. I have changed the page for more of a focus on fiber art. Since this page was made I have found many more artist websites [...]

How To Sew A Torn Seam YouTube Video

Below is a YouTube Video from on how to sew a torn seam. It was exactly what I was looking for as I have a few items around the home that need this repair and I did not want to throw them out. I am glad I watched this video as I may have [...]

My Sewing Machine: Husqvarna Viking Tribute

Below is a picture of my sewing machine and a close up of the decorative stitches. It is a Husqvarna Viking (R) Tribute (TM) 140C 140th Anniversary Limited Edition Sewing Machine. It is the same as the Husqvarna Sapphire, but is red instead of blue and has some different outer cosmetics such as saying 140th [...]

How To Sew a Button

Here is a video from YouTube on how to sew a button with Skye Blue Can Sew. I watched a few videos and some did not mention the double thread or finishing by wrapping the thread around under the button so I picked this one as it mentions both.  

Pattern Buying Splurge 2012

Below I have listed all the patterns I own. Some of them I bought off of McCall’s website and most of them were purchased on sale at Jo-Ann Fabric and Crafts. They have the yearly sale were patterns are 0.99 cents or $3.99 for Vogue patterns. I have seen people at that store really stock [...]

Sewing Projects 2012

This bag was started as part of a beginning sewer’s class at JoAnn Fabric & Craft.  You can see my currently fourteen year old cat looking at the camera. She likes to keep me company, is great company, was adopted from The Anti-Cruelty Society in Chicago, and was born in 1998. I have not completed the bag yet, but [...]