Independent Work During Reading Workshops

This is just a short page of notes I stumbled upon from my days as an elementary education major. Rather than entirely throw it away I typed it below. How can you prepare students for independent work during reading and writing workshops? have independent reading every school day create an inviting environment for independent reading [...]

Increasing Student Motivation and Critical Reading Tips By Teachers

The following attachment, critical reading literacy class index card notes, is several index cards with notes from a teaching reading class from my days as an elementary education major at Illinois State University (ISU). I cannot really figure out what textbook and class they are from, but possibly in the future I can add that information [...]

Teaching Reading Quizzes

The following PDF, Teaching Reading Quizzes Without Name 4-25-16, is from a class I took on teaching reading/literacy to elementary school students in September/October of 2006 as per the dates on the papers. It is just several graded quizzes I scanned and found with some textbooks and binders I still have. It was probably from a [...]

Book Log Elementary Teacher Library

I have been scanning papers from my days as an elementary education major at Illinois State University (ISU). The following PDF, Book Log, I found and cannot even place what class it is from and I forgot to put my name on it. This looks like it is for keeping track of your personal classroom library [...]

Unknown Words Strategies K-2

Below is a random page of notes I found going through some papers. Rather than throwing it out I decided to post it. I really do not know the source. It is probably from a class on teaching reading I took years ago. Problem Solving Unknown Words Problem Solving Strategies for Students in Kindergarten to [...]

Free eBooks Post Updated

Below are some online sources for free eBooks. I updated this post from the original post published in June adding more free eBook sites found through Twitter. For the original post I signed up for an affiliate account for the free-eBooks.net and the account got cancelled as there were no purchases. I am sure there [...]

Internet Safety Direct Teaching Lesson

  Below is a direct teaching lesson I found saved on my computer from my days as an elementary education major at Illinois State University (ISU) and part of a Curriculum and Instruction (C&I) course. It is on keeping children safe on the Internet and goes over netiquette. I have some more resources on this [...]

Advice For Education Majors

Below is a an article I posted on squidoo.com probably around February or March of 2014. The permalink is http://www.squidoo.com/advice-for-education-majors. When I logged back into squidoo.com after several months it appeared it was removed due to lack of page visits. I had to re-post it. I decided to post it here as a more permanent [...]

Color the Multiples

Below I have uploaded several documents of practice worksheets for learning the multiplication table. It is just practice to familiarize oneself with the multiplication table and is good for around the fourth grade. Somewhere I read this idea and cannot locate the source. The instructions are to just color the multiples of the given number [...]

Multiplication Memorization YouTube Video

Below is a multiplication memorization YouTube video as I plan on posting some multiplication practice worksheets next week for the elementary education category. The video has some good tips and goes up to multiples of ten. There are schools that require kids to know the table up to twenty. Multiples of twelve seems to be [...]