About Page Before May 2017 Update

I updated the about page and have posted and pasted the old about page below. Hello! My name is Michelle and I am the author of this site. I started this site as place to record information that helps me learn to sew and cook and clean well. Growing up I was never directly taught [...]

2016 Blog Monthly Traffic History

Below are screen shots from my HostGator cPanel of 2016 blog traffic for It shows the top 25 countries and monthly average for December 2016. One screen shot shows the monthly average of daily visits for June 2016. There is a screen shot of the monthly history from January 2016 to December 2016. As [...]

October 2016 Outdoor Fall Blog Photos

Below are three photos taken outdoors in October 2016. I used a Groupon coupon and there is retouching such a small stain on my shirt and the one photo with the fuchsia scarf had my coat on the side showing and I asked the photographer to take it out of the photo. I wore fuchsia [...]

Watercolor Logo Video Posted On YouTube

Below is a seventeen second watercolor video I posted on YouTube. It was purchased on from the seller videosketch in April 2016. I am trying to run it as a video ad on YouTube to increase traffic to this blog. I just opened a Google Adwords account a few days ago and requested approval [...]

2015 Monthly Traffic History

Below are traffic totals from the HostGator cPanel. I plan to update this towards the end of the month with the complete numbers for December 2015. Looks like the traffic increased slightly from the 2014 Monthly Traffic History. Also, for 2015 there are 77 total published posts and I added a page on archery (a [...]

All Posts Page

Here is a list of all the posts published with the date published in parenthesis. The most recent post is listed as number one and this is updated periodically. As of September 2015 there are 74 total published posts or 75 posts if this is included. I decided to delete this as its own page [...]

2014 Monthly Traffic History

Below is a screen shot and a bullet list of the monthly traffic history for this blog in 2014. The screen shot is from the HostGator cPanel. Some of the traffic can be attributed to a one time purchase for a million hits from I have not used all the traffic points from [...]

Experience Using Elance

I decided to use Elance for this blog to give it a more professional look. I was able to set it up on my own using eBooks I read and buying the Thesis theme and signing up on Wordpress and purchasing hosting from Host Gator. A lot of what the freelancers on Elance were able to [...]

Website Page 2013

Below is the website page I had on this blog in 2013. I am converting the general website page into tips for having a blog/website and then using information from this on a ‘Getting Started’ page to be under the Website tab. I am also interested in eventually putting some of the information below on an [...]

All In One SEO Plugin

For the last few weeks I have been writing keyword and post descriptions for the All In One SEO Pack plugin. I have also edited past posts and added clip art to them. This plugin is free, but offers a Pro Version upgrade that costs a one time fee plus a discounted annual fee or [...]