• My compound bow is a 2015 Diamond Infinite Edge Pro. Draw length 13 – 31″, draw weight 5-70 lbs, 310 FPS IBO Speed Rating.
    • A complete manual for the bow is available online at
  • Have a Cobra (Strike Fast. Strike True.) Bravo Jr. Release All New Fully Adjustable Trigger Muddy Girl (R) Camo Loop-Lock
  • Have several carbon arrows. A carbon-arrow size selection chart is available at Warnings and use @ or 877-INFO-ETPChristmas Archery
  • Also have an archery target, crossbow string wax, slap fit armguard (Vista (R), and Plano (R) Outdoor Products bow case, nearly all purchased at Cabelas

Did You Know…?

  • The top running speed of a whitetail deer is 40 mph.
  • A full-grown deer will measure around 3 feet tall from the ground to the top of the back. A full-grown whitetail can weigh 200 pounds or more.
  • Whitetails range Panama to Quebec.
  • The estimated nationwide population of the white-tailed deer is believed to be 29 million strong.
  • White-tailed deer are believed to be completely color-blind and have very poor depth perception.
  • According to scientists there are 38 sub-species of white-tailed deer.
  • The largest body weight on record of a white-tailed deer is 511 pounds.
  • The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety estimates that there are 1.5 million automobile/deer collisions each year.
  • White-tailed deer can eat a variety of plants due to their four-chambered stomachs.
  • White-tailed deer are polygamous breeders – one male mates with several females during a breeding season.
  • The adult white-tailed deer has a bright, reddish-brown summer coat and a duller, grayish-brown winter coat.
  • When describing the antler-rack size of a white-tailed deer, most people count the total number of points on both sides.
  • Male deer grow antlers in the late spring and lose the antlers in late winter. (1)


  1. Cabela’s 2015 Whitetail Calendar, featuring the original sportsman-tested moon tables that tell you the best times to hunt and fish ( Father and son team, John Alden Knight and Richard Alden Knight, proved there are times of day when fish and game are more active for the Sportsman’s Almanac. Calendar has photography from Lon Lauber, Images on the Wildside, and Donald M. Jones.

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April 2017

  • practiced, aim is much better, first shot seems the most off, may have lost 1 arrow

January 2017

  • practiced archery, split a few arrows, bought the following new arrows:
    • Beman, first in carbon arrows, made in USA
      • package includes six carbon arrows, inserts nocks
      • 40 lbs
      • 3 vanes
      • for complete product and size information see
      • see warnings and use at or 877-INFO-ETP
      • 26″ and 28″ length, ICS Hunter Jr
    • arrow that I split may have been from

January 2016

  • taking an archery practice class every Friday, hope to some day get a deer and increase the draw-weight I can handle.

December 2015

  • Went for the fitting at Cabelas and need to get strength up for higher draw weights and then eventually could have a draw weight to go deer and elk hunting, plan to go back in a few months and see if able to increase the draw weight
  • Received my first compound bow for Christmas 2015, and am getting it fitted this December. Hope can use it to get some venison for next year’s Christmas dinner. Just want to use it for one deer and maybe a turkey every year for holiday dinners.