This is a page of notes on tapping maple syrup, I published it as I did not want it to get accidentally deleted or lose any of the info as it was sitting unpublished on the WordPress dashboard

Maple syrup, sugar making, under construction

Can produce syrup from maple, birch, and walnut treesMaple Syrup Homemade

a hobby that can incorporate family and friends and make money

Maple trees suitable for tapping:

  • sugar maple
  • black maple
  • red maple
  • silver maple
  • Norway maple
  • canyon maple
  • bigleaf maple
  • boxelder
  • Acer mono (species of maple found in Asia)
  • American West maple species

Walnut species

  • black walnut (Juglans nigra)
  • butternut (Juglans cinerea) – also known as white walnut and some describe the syrup as having nutty and almost fruity overtones, very similar to the sugar maple


  • Walnut syrup comes from a nut tree and may cause an allergic reaction.
  • Butternuts are less common than black walnuts
  • “youtube tapping butternut” search


  • The Sugarmaker’s Companion: An Integrated Approach To Producing Syrup From Maple, Birch, and Walnut Trees by Michael Farrell


  • – supplies and info, sell tubing, interested in Lapierre Bottler 16″ x 16″ Pan and Burner for boiling sap, good for a beginner, can add stand at later date to complete

Seminars and Tours

  • Goodrich Maple Farm in Vermont ( – seminars and open houses and help with tubing installation
  • New York State Maple Conference – second Friday and Saturday of January every year
  • Maine – International Maple Syrup Grading Schools, how to correct off-flavors,
  • Pennsylvania
  • Vermont
  • Trade Shows – equipment and suppliers
  • state associations
  • Cooperative Extension agencies


  • summer and fall attend workshops and conference, travel, two to three day events make for a good short vacation
  • fall and winter – schools and annual meetings, some found in trade publications
  • April and May major companies Vermont and New Hampshire deals on equipment and workshops




  • ordered a starter kit and video on maple syrup tapping and looking for a tree or two to tap with some maple syrup buckets
  • received starter kit in the mail in mid February