Gardening Terms

Gardening TermsPink Flowers

  • annual – plant that lives one year
  • basal area – used to develop the competition between trees and the capacity of the forest to support healthy competition. It is the cross sectional area of all trees on an acre expressed in square feet and measured at a height of 4.5 ft above the ground
  • biennial – plant that lives two years and blooms the second year
  • deciduous – plant with leaves that fall off each year
  • evergreen – a plant with leaves that stay on all year
  • hardiness zone – guide to help determine what areas certain plants will thrive in, includes areas certain plants are incapable of growing and minimum temperatures plants can tolerate, sometimes called USDA Cold Hardiness Zone Map
  • herbaceous perennial – above-ground part of plant dies each year, but underground part lives on
  • perennial- at least part of the plant lives on from year to year