Number 3

BeeMax Langstroth, since April 2015
  • April/May 2016
    • realized the hive survived winter, is currently over 1 year old, insulation was removed
  • Thursday, August 6, 2015
    •  hive looked healthy and busy, there was no fighting outside the hive, was using both entrances on the entrance reducer, opened the cover slightly and the bees did not fly out at me, many of the frames were untouched by the bees, wonder if the polystyrene makes the bees more docile while inspectingBeehive 3
  • Wednesday, July 1, 2015
    • hive had very few bees flying in and out of the hive
    • removed metal mouse guard (it did not block entrance, was like a glorified chicken wire mouse guard) and placed a hive entrance reducer that made the entrance smaller on the hive
    • top hive feeder had almost like ticks on outer cover, no strong evidence they made it inside the hive and a bunch of dead bees
    • placed package inside the hive as they built more comb in and had a large population in the hive
    • added three shallow hive bodies with mixed frames (some wooden foundation less frames, some entirely plastic frames, some wood with plastic frames, some wood frames with beeswax foundation), had to take some frames out so the package would fit
  • Wednesday, May 13, 2015
    • the only hive with the package of bees removed that the bees remained in, the bees were staying in comb in a package outside of the hive, moved package a few feet away from the hive in hopes that would cause the bees to go inside the hive, maybe the queen is in the package or it is brood comb
  • Wednesday, April 29, 2015
    • bees built own comb in package left in hive due to the cold weather, obviously the bees like building their own comb, they have really rejected and avoided successfully the plastic foundation, took package out of hive that included bees and combbees in honeycomb
  • Tuesday, April 21, 2015
    • package installed, Minnesota Hygienic bees from Louisiana, picked up at farm in Indiana (
    • because the weather was so cold, placed package with a quarter or so of the bees inside the hive