How To Sew A Torn Seam YouTube Video

Below is a YouTube Video from on how to sew a torn seam. It was exactly what I was looking for as I have a few items around the home that need this repair and I did not want to throw them out. I am glad I watched this video as I may have [...]

Internet Safety Direct Teaching Lesson

  Below is a direct teaching lesson I found saved on my computer from my days as an elementary education major at Illinois State University (ISU) and part of a Curriculum and Instruction (C&I) course. It is on keeping children safe on the Internet and goes over netiquette. I have some more resources on this [...]

Advice For Education Majors

Below is a an article I posted on probably around February or March of 2014. The permalink is When I logged back into after several months it appeared it was removed due to lack of page visits. I had to re-post it. I decided to post it here as a more permanent [...]

Basic Checking Account Register

To help organize myself and keep track of my expenses I ended up typing the PDF, Word, and OpenDocument Texts attached below. They are just basic and have space for the date, transaction, deposit, withdrawal, and balance. You can change the color or title of the charts and or add columns etc. Word and OpenOffice [...]