Low-Cal Minestrone Soup

Below is a recipe for low-cal minestrone soup. The pictures are my own, and I the recipe tasted great to me. I would definitely make this again and it was not too difficult to cook. It is from a Christian Light Publication book cited at the bottom of this post. Ingredients 2/3 c chopped onion [...]

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Below is a recipe for oatmeal chocolate chip cookies from a Christian Light Education unit cited at the end of this post. The pictures are my own, taken from home. I was happy with the taste of the cookies and would definitely make them again. Ingredients 2 c brown sugar 1 c margarine (or 1/2 [...]

Color the Multiples

Below I have uploaded several documents of practice worksheets for learning the multiplication table. It is just practice to familiarize oneself with the multiplication table and is good for around the fourth grade. Somewhere I read this idea and cannot locate the source. The instructions are to just color the multiples of the given number [...]

Multiplication Memorization YouTube Video

Below is a multiplication memorization YouTube video as I plan on posting some multiplication practice worksheets next week for the elementary education category. The video has some good tips and goes up to multiples of ten. There are schools that require kids to know the table up to twenty. Multiples of twelve seems to be [...]