Bavarian Pot Roast

Below is a recipe from a Christian Light Education publication cited below. It is for Bavarian pot roast and tastes great. The pictures below are my own. Just out of curiousity I looked up that the chuck roast is the shoulder of the cow and as a result is one of the tougher cuts of [...]

Experience Using Elance

I decided to use Elance for this blog to give it a more professional look. I was able to set it up on my own using eBooks I read and buying the Thesis theme and signing up on Wordpress and purchasing hosting from Host Gator. A lot of what the freelancers on Elance were able to [...]

Website Page 2013

Below is the website page I had on this blog in 2013. I am converting the general website page into tips for having a blog/website and then using information from this on a ‘Getting Started’ page to be under the Website tab. I am also interested in eventually putting some of the information below on an [...]

Wedding Anniversary Gifts

I found this chart of wedding anniversary gifts on the back of one of those free calendars businesses sometimes give out and thought is was a nice reference.  It is general information and some of it may be slightly off, but it is mainly from Wikipedia and the back of a free business calendar. This [...]