Website Page 2013

Below is the website page I had on this blog in 2013. I am converting the general website page into tips for having a blog/website and then using information from this on a 'Getting Started' page to be under the Website tab. I am also interested in eventually putting some of the information below on an [...]

Wedding Anniversary Gifts

I found this chart of wedding anniversary gifts on the back of one of those free calendars businesses sometimes give out and thought is was a nice reference.  It is general information and some of it may be slightly off, but it is mainly from Wikipedia and the back of a free business calendar. This [...]

Breakfast Baked Oatmeal Recipe

This is a great winter and fall breakfast recipe as it requires an oven and warms up the home. It also works as a midday snack and tastes great and is very filling. Sometimes I make this without the Grape Nuts and other times I sprinkle cinnamon and or honey on top. For the photo on [...]

Tips For a Great Smelling Home

Below is a YouTube video from that goes over the following five tips for a great smelling home: Open home windows when possible Use essential oils in the cardboard of the toilet tissue roll Sprinkle baking soda in the trash bag Periodically wipe the walls of the home using soap and a magic eraser [...]