CodeGuard Cloud Backup

As I have had issues in the past with losing info due to poor backup I decided to purchase CodeGuard cloud backup via the cpanel on HostGator. I really should not have as I am really not making any money off this site, but I do not want to risk losing all of the work [...]

Alfie Kohn Good Job Article

Below is an article I found while looking through some of my folders and binders from my days as an elementary education major at Illinois State University (ISU). Alfie Kohn had some interesting books he wrote on his site ( such as The Homework Myth and The Case Against Standardized Testing. Definitely there are high [...]

A Class Divided – Video

I remember watching either snippets of the video ‘A Class Divided’ or the entire video as part of a required class for elementary education majors. Basically, it is a documentary on how a third-grade teacher, Jane Elliott, gave a lesson on discrimination. This was done in the 1960s after Martin Luther King Jr died. The [...]

How To Sew a Button

Here is a video from YouTube on how to sew a button with Skye Blue Can Sew. I watched a few videos and some did not mention the double thread or finishing by wrapping¬†the thread around under the button so I picked this one as it mentions both.