A Class Divided – Video

I remember watching either snippets of the video ‘A Class Divided’ or the entire video as part of a required class for elementary education majors. Basically, it is a documentary on how a third-grade teacher, Jane Elliott, gave a lesson on discrimination. This was done in the 1960s after Martin Luther King Jr died. The [...]

How To Sew a Button

Here is a video from YouTube on how to sew a button with Skye Blue Can Sew. I watched a few videos and some did not mention the double thread or finishing by wrapping¬†the thread around under the button so I picked this one as it mentions both.  

Navigators Topical Memory System Pocket Guide

At the bottom of this post is a Word document of the Navigators Topical Memory System (TMS) pocket guide. It is posted with permission from NavPress ( I actually emailed them via the website and received a reply stating I had permission to post the TMS pocket guide and to please include the following statement [...]

College Honor Societies

Here are some college honors societies I came across during my experience at Illinois State University (ISU). Some of this may be out of date as I have been out of college for a while now. It is not necessary to join many of these societies and a high GPA or Dean’s List mention is [...]