Free eBooks

Project Gutenberg - - This site offers free eBooks ranging from Aesop’s fables to Paradise Lost to dictionaries. From what I understand originally most of the eBooks are older, the copyright is past, and or the original author(s) are no longer living and as a result the eBooks could be freely distributed. Undoubtedly, Project Gutenberg [...]

Henna Hair Dye

I was inspired to try henna in my hair after reading an article in HealthKeepers Magazine entitled, "You Can Change Your Hair Color Without Harsh Chemicals, Naturally." Henna is a small tree native to northern Africa and parts of Asia. The leaves are dried and turned into a powder. Henna powder is also called mendhi, [...]


Below is a delicious recipe I found on a box of gluten free pasta (Ancient Harvest Quinoa brand, I asked for permission to post the recipe and they allowed it. This is the second time I asked for permission to post a recipe and each time the people were nice and allowed it. The first [...]

Plugins Page

I am currently working on the plugins page here, and have been thinking about what to post. The plugins page is under website then plugins. I will probably delete this. I should set aside more time to sit down and write articles. It is one thing to have the idea, but another to execute the [...]