Henna Hair Dye

I was inspired to try henna in my hair after reading an article in HealthKeepers Magazine entitled, “You Can Change Your Hair Color Without Harsh Chemicals, Naturally.” Henna is a small tree native to northern Africa and parts of Asia. The leaves are dried and turned into a powder. Henna powder is also called mendhi, [...]


Below is a delicious recipe I found on a box of gluten free pasta (Ancient Harvest Quinoa brand, I asked for permission to post the recipe and they allowed it. This is the second time I asked for permission to post a recipe and each time the people were nice and allowed it. The first [...]

Plugins Page

I am currently working on the plugins page here, and have been thinking about what to post. The plugins page is under website then plugins. I will probably delete this. I should set aside more time to sit down and write articles. It is one thing to have the idea, but another to execute the [...]

Spanish Past Tense

For those of us starting to learn Spanish it is safe to say many of us will first begin to become comfortable with the present tense and then look to learn the past tense. Beginner Spanish can be selfish and for the future you can say voy a (I am going to) or tu vas (you informal [...]