Baby Paluzza 2011

I attended a Baby or Bébé Paluzza event quite some time ago and jotted down websites to nearly every booth that was there. The presentations were great and there were quite a few people and booths there. It was quite overwhelming just seeing the booths with all the products available. I received many free samples [...]

Tips For Allergy Relief

I have suffered with bad allergies ever since I received my cat around the time I was in eighth grade. Before then I am sure I suffered from seasonal hay fever. When I got my cat from the shelter a few months after having her around the house I had horrible problems with sneezing and [...]

Learning a Musical Instrument

When I was a child in maybe seventh or eighth grade I took a few piano classes outside of school and eventually dropped out. I was interested in piano, but was very bored and frustrated when trying to learn the notes. I played easy songs according to finger numbers and could not understand beyond that. [...]

King Ranch Casserole Recipe Whole Foods Chicago

This is a good casserole recipe I picked up at a Whole Foods Market in Chicago. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the prepped ingredients and the recipe card, but can do that later or next time I make this. It was delicious, definitely acceptable for a potluck and has no gluten. All of [...]