What Is Your Teaching Philosophy?

What is your teaching philosophy? I remember going over this question in the C&I (Curriculum and Instruction) 104: Introduction to Education class while I was a student at Illinois State University. This is supposedly a common interview question for those interviewing for a teaching position and is good to consider and think about as it [...]

Resources For Teachers

Below are some resources collected as an elementary education at Illinois State University. I was a bit exhausted senior year and did not complete the student teaching, but might go back and complete it. I gained a lot of good information and hope someone can find the information helpful. This was a page, but I [...]

Library Links

These sites are from a library technology class I took at a local community college. I did not know some of these sites existed, and they can help with researching topics. The class was nice, but I decided library technology is not a major for me. The jobs you can get in the field are [...]

Latin Present System and Verb To Be

Here are some Latin grammar present verb system endings and the verb to be. At the end I included some notes on the parts of a Roman house from my high school Latin class notebook. Just trying to post every week, and I am little late in posting this week as I try to post [...]