The Best Way To Buy Textbooks

Usually, the best deal is buying gently used textbooks from other students or from a site like eBay  or even Craigslist if you are fortunate enough to find someone with the textbook you are looking for. The library often has reserve copies of many textbooks that can help you at least temporarily. The campus bookstore [...]

Study Abroad Alternatives

If you are a current college student and or just interested in the idea it is definitely worth it to study abroad. One of my friends from Illinois State University was very studious and intelligent and her academic scholarship required her to study abroad, at least from 2004-2008 when she attended college. It is a [...]

Driving an Overheated Car

Recently, I had the experience of driving a car that became overheated. The car is a 2003 model with about 76,000 miles and is well maintained. I use the car pretty regularly, about three days a week of highway driving and two to three days a week of side-street and local driving. First I noticed [...]

Challenge to Make Money Without Spending Money

As per reading The Stay At Home Mom’s Guide To Making Money Online by Ron Taylor Copyright 2010 I would like to challenge myself to make money online without spending money. I have the eBook on my Kindle and referenced it several times and it is full of great advice and the author is not [...]