Independent Work During Reading Workshops

This is just a short page of notes I stumbled upon from my days as an elementary education major. Rather than entirely throw it away I typed it below. How can you prepare students for independent work during reading and writing workshops? have independent reading every school day create an inviting environment for independent reading [...]

Beehives May 2016 Photos and Summary

Here are photos of my six active beehives/apiary as of May 2016. I was hoping to make a nice PowerPoint out of this to post to YouTube, but maybe in the future. It was not working out as I had to re-purchase the Microsoft office suite and Open Office was very different. This is what [...]

Increasing Student Motivation and Critical Reading Tips By Teachers

The following attachment, critical reading literacy class index card notes, is several index cards with notes from a teaching reading class from my days as an elementary education major at Illinois State University (ISU). I cannot really figure out what textbook and class they are from, but possibly in the future I can add that information [...]

Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Below is a custom intro copy I received in my blog email, michelle [at] It is always exciting when I receive emails from actual blog visitors as I do not get a lot of them and it helps me actually believe the statistics shown on the blog c-panel that after several years there are [...]