Below I have typed a chart that can be printed out for taking basic body measurements such as the waist  and hips and neck. Knowing your measurements is good for shopping and sewing patterns and tracking exercise results. I actually have this page in a binder I use regularly with period tracking charts from [...]

All Posts Page

Here is a list of all the posts published with the date published in parenthesis. The most recent post is listed as number one and this is updated periodically. As of September 2015 there are 74 total published posts or 75 posts if this is included. I decided to delete this as its own page [...]

Honeybee Metamorphosis Video

Below is a very short approximately one minute online video from on honeybees as mentioned in the May 2015 National Geographic article “Quest For A Superbee.” The link is at the bottom of this post. I have found it very surprising to learn how many pests and predators and diseases there are for honey [...]

Pasta Amatriciana Recipe

I enjoy this recipe as it comes across as slightly different and healthier than buying spaghetti sauce in a jar. It does give you extra sauce. I like to add mushrooms and extra sausage to it. It is from the back of a Holland House Red Cooking Wine bottle. I have tried this with different [...]