Scrambled Eggs Mexican

Below is a recipe for scrambled eggs Mexican. This would still taste good without the sausage and a quick Internet search brings up many different variations of this recipe many of which do not include the sausage. It is also called huevos a la Mexicana or Mexican-style scrambled eggs and definitely tastes great. For a [...]

Freeze-Ahead Chicken and Artichoke Lasagna Whole Foods

Serves 8 Below is a recipe for chicken and artichoke lasagna from This was definitely a delicious and filling recipe and I would make it again. It does use three different types of cheeses and for a very healthy recipe you should probably stick to a vegan lasagna recipe. Traditional lasagna recipes use beef and [...]

Get Wise To Your Advisor Book Review

This is a brief synopsis on the book Get Wise To Your Advisor: How to Reach Your Investment Goals Without Getting Ripped Off by Steven D. Lockshin (John Wiley & Sons, Inc. (C) 2013). First, allow me to mention I read the book rather casually as advisors and Wall Street are rather distant and foreign concepts to [...]

2014 Monthly Traffic History

Below is a screen shot and a bullet list of the monthly traffic history for this blog in 2014. The screen shot is from the HostGator cPanel. Some of the traffic can be attributed to a one time purchase for a million hits from I have not used all the traffic points from [...]