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  • Beeswax makes an unusually hard bar of soap and shampoo, but works well for lip balms and salves. Thus, lip balms and salves and 100% beeswax candles are favorite handcrafted products for beekeepers.
  • Beeswax could be used in some shampoo bars as you lather the bar in your hands first and then gently apply it to the hair and scalpWashing Hands with Soap
  • Add herbs, spices, botanicals like lavendar flower to soaps for exfoliation, aroma, and appearance. Botanicals include calendula flower, strawberry seeds, raspberry seeds and fruit powder, rosebuds, cranberry seeds, poppy seeds, blueberry fruit fiber.
  • Xantham Gum Powder can be used as a help thicken bath gels and cosmetics and is food grade.
  • Vitamin E oil added to soaps and cosmetics has anti-oxidant properties.
  • Titanium Dioxide can be added to soap as a whitening agent
  • to make lotion use flower waters or hydrosols (can be purchased including rose and lavender). Water in lotion recipes can be substituted with hydrosols or with a homemade infused water of boiling your favorite herb or tea.
  • Germaben II is used as a preservative in lotions.
  • Rosemary extract and vitamin E oil are sometimes used to prolong self life due to their antioxidant properties and are not true preservatives.


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