This is an ongoing list I edit and add to that includes sewing tips learned from personal experience and books I have read on sewing. sewing pin cushion

Sewing Tips

  • Change the needle after each project. The needle may look straight but is probably damaged which can cause skipped stitches and can damage the stitch plate. The tip of the needle can also be damaged. Change the needle often.
  • Clean, dust, and keep the sewing machine covered. Clean the bobbin area removing lint with a brush under the bobbin case.
  • Consider always using a higher quality thread to avoid breakage while using in the sewing machine and for holding seems together.
  • Use fusible fabrics to add durability, strength, and structure to projects such as tote bags. Fusible fabrics also work for decorative stitches as the added strength allows the stitch to come out better.

Last updated September 2016