Sewing Machine Box Photos

Below I have some photos of the box my sewing machine came in. I have since purchased a carrying case for the sewing machine and have used the box for storage of beekeeping supplies and eventually got rid of it. This is just in case I ever wonder what the box looked like or wanted any of the information from the stickers on it. The post My Sewing Machine: Husqvarna Viking Tribute from May 22, 2014 explains a little about my machine. It is an anniversary edition and has many decorative stitches, but is not an embroidery machine.

sewing machine box photo     Sewing machine box 9   Sewing machine box 7    Sewing machine box 6    Sewing machine box 5   Sewing machine box 4sewing machine box photo 1Sewing machine box 3Sewing machine box 2 

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