Tips For Getting Started

This is an ongoing list of advice and tips for starting and running a blog from my personal experience here. It gets edited and revised and it is somewhat under construction and I plan on continually adding suggestions and tips.

  • Realize most blogs do not make money. Of the blogs that do make money, most do not make enough money to live off of. Nearly all new blogs do not make money the first two years or more. There are blogs and websites that make good money. Having physical products to sell helps and there are blogs making enough money just on affiliate marketing and info-products. Two Young Women in Front of the Computer Talking
  • Use Elance for a professional look. It costs money to hire a freelancer, but can be worth it. I have used Elance only once as of writing this and had a positive experience and would use it again. There are other similar sites and options such as odesk, but I went with Elance for ease of use and price and quality assurance. The more you stick with the same freelancer the greater the potential for better results.
  • Use and or
  • Consider not using any ads on the blog the first few years as they will most likely make not money and drive traffic and visitors away from your site.
  • Read blogs in the making money online niche such as and consider and look into implementing the advice. Use caution with the making money online niche as it has many unscrupulous get rick quick scams. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.
  • Realize there are more lucrative ad programs to join than Google AdSense. Clickbank pays more than Google AdSense.
  • If you are going to pay for hosting and a domain name, HostGator is a good choice and is what this blog uses.
  • Consider using thesis theme and skins to give the site a more polished and custom look. That is what I am using on this blog.