Here is an ongoing lists of affiliate sites I have signed up for and the approximate date I signed up. If you click on one of the links and then sign-up or buy something I may or not receive credit. At this point I have really not made any money off of any of the affiliates. First I tried LinkShare and Commission Junction and I got clicks on those ads but nobody bought anything and my account for Commission Junction eventually got automatically deleted. I have an inactive account with LinkShare and am considering picking more custom products from which supposedly offers the most generous commissions. I have used a lot of products right now just to get the blog up and running and started. I could speak to getting a blog started, but I could not tell you really how to monetize it. If the traffic on this blog was high enough and people clicked the links below and then signed up that would help the blog pay for itself.  It definitely does seem to be more about having products to sell where the solid monetization is at. Nevertheless, below is a list of affiliate programs I have signed up with to get the blog started and I have used all the services and products am happy with them.

  • Elance (April 2014) – (link to profile, invite friends and earn $10 or 10 connects)
  • (April 2014) – – I use the cinch skin from ThesisLove and it is such an improvement from what I had before, definitely recommend
  • (April 2014) – The Thesis Theme for WordPress – -I use this theme with the cinch skin from ThesisLove mentioned above. It is a premium WordPress theme and recommended on JohnChow.comcomputer
  • (April 2014) – – this is the hosting I use for this site, I have had no major issues and love the customer service, this site also uses
  • MBPNinjaAffiliate (April 2014) – – MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate – I have used this, but it is for ads and this site just does not have the traffic or is not really making anything off of ads. It comes up in some of my posts and keywords like Elance and ThesisLove and HostGator are clickable and if someone clicks on one of them and then signs up and or buys something it would count as an affiliate sale.
  • MBPStripeAdPro (April 2014) – – I am using this banner ad to say welcome to first time visitors and am considering putting this site on and putting iGive on this page and a few of the stripe banner ads. I will have to read about iGive again, but if I remember correctly you can ad a charity and you can even put yourself down. Still, I do not think at this point I have enough traffic to even get to the minimum threshold on iGive.
  • MBPBannerAds (April 2014) – offer=SewIsabel&pid=51 – I used this with side ads with retailers from LinkShare and Commission Junction and I got some clicks but no buys. Using this when the blog was just started probably did cost me future traffic and readers. It does display some nice rotating ads and you do not have to use this for ads you could easily ad clip art in them or some kind of text. Right now I am not using this, but in the future am interested in trying this again.
  • MBPBringMyBlogVisitorsBack (April 2014) – – I am not using this right now, but in the future I plan on trying it.
  • MBPSubscribersMagnet (April 2014) – – The same as above, I am not using this right now but am interested in trying it in the future.
  • (2014) – – do not receive money if it is clicked but 0.4 traffic points each time referral surfs a website
  • (2013)– – includes ‘Libros en Español’ and ‘Livros em Português’ and has genres ranging from textbooks to web design to mystery. They have a free version and paid options. For whatever reason I thought the affiliate account I signed up for with got cancelled but I received an email March 12, 2015 from stating that I referred a sale and earned a 25% commission of $5.00 USD. The payout threshold is $25 so possibly the account will get cancelled before the threshold is reached as that is what happened with my Commission Junction account. Nevertheless, I am adding the links again as of today, Saturday, March 21, 2015.
  • Google Adsense – approved April 15, 2015 and have pasted the first ad unit April 17, 2015. Google Adsense started working in April, it was a pleasant surprise. I just wonder if like the other affiliates they will discontinue my account because it did not make the minimum payout within a year.
  • Groupon – occasionally buy discounted spa packages from them, can earn a $10 discount if someone signs up with the following link and then buys their first deal
  • OIO Publisher – costs $47 (as of 2015) and runs Google Adsense until an advertiser purchases an ad space September 2015 $10 off coupon code REDMAN-009
  •  – installed this PayPal donate button December 2015, verified non-profits must demonstrate how donations will be used one more than $10,000 USD is raised, button is used to raise money for a cause, do not expect this blog to ever get more $10,000 in donations, plan to use any donations to pay for blog hosting and support projects on this blog such as beekeeping and gardening, consider beekeeping a cause as there are a decreasing number of beekeepers and Colony Collapse Disorder is on the rise among bees and with gardening am supporting bees and at risk insects such as the monarch butterfly. Donors enter own contribution amount.


  •, consider those three affiliates as they offer recurring commissions (Aweber for email, LeadPages and MTTB Inner Circle)
  • (lead magnet/freebie

Future Plans

  • work on offering freebies for encouraging signing up for mailing list
  • work on getting own banner ad, maybe from