Website Timeline

This is just a periodically updated timeline of notable changes and issues with this website/blog. It starts with May 2016 (when published my first YouTube video) and has the latest date listed first.

April 2017

  • Added WooCommerce plugin after the hack
  • 500 Internal Server Error due to .htaccess file containing rewrite codes caused by certain plugins
    • deactivated some plugins
    • considering reinstalling and updating all plugins

February/March 2017

  • website was hacked, had to install some paid anti-hacking plugins. Right now, I want to leave them unmentioned as I do not want to tip off any hackers or get hacked again. I kept running the CodeGuard back-up and it kept reverting back to a basically HostGator error screen or the white screen with like three lines saying there was an error when I went to the blog.  It was pretty frustrating. HostGator sent me several emails about a malicious content and quarantined files. One is from February 6th. The CodeGuard back-up was not enough this time. I also received several emails from CodeGuard saying I was near 5 GB of use and it went up to 5.3 GB and I was not using the site at all because it was hacked. Just glad website/blog is back up and running.

December 2016

  • had to run the backup for the way the website was on December 4th, 2016. I was unable to login and it was only showing half of my blog. The posts were there, but the pages were gone. Possibly was hacked. The customer service at HostGator was very nice and the CodeGuard backup worked very well. I would just wait a full day before making changes to the blog even though it says the backup is completed in less than a day. I had somewhat of issues and ran the backup twice. It was very to have and it was kind of saddening to see all of the pages and that work erased.
  • removed donate button as did not get any donations, it is on the following page, but it was not very effective and I am not sure it is appropriate for this blog. Possibly if the marketing was better for this blog and the traffic higher maybe I would have received a few dollars
  • Revised and updated blog and posted once a month prior and into December 2016Young Woman Sitting Looking at Laptop Screen

May 2016

  • posted first YouTube video, a seventeen second logo watercolor sketch, in an effort to gain more traffic to this blog, also signed up for an AdWords account