My Garden 2012

This is what I managed to plant in my small yard in Chicago, Illinois. It includes the following:

  • Organic Green Zebra Tomatos from the Southern Exposure Seed Exchange
  • Organic Yellow Oxheart Tomatos from the Southern Exposure Seed Exchange
  • Organic Old German Tomatos from the Southern Exposure Seed Exchange
  • Organic Cherokee Purple Tomatos from the Southern Exposure Seed Exchange
  • Non-GMO Grape Jelly Bean Red & Yellow Tomatos from Botanical Interests purchased at Whole Foods
  • Mammoth Sunflowers purchased from Burpee
  • Mammoth Grey Stripe Sunflowers from Botanical Interests purchased at Whole Foods
  • Lettuce Grand Rapids (Leaf) by American Seed probably purchased from Menards
  • Parsley Extra Curled Dwarf/Perejil Enano Extra Rizado Herb/Hierba from BurpeeOrganic Mammoth Gray Sunflowers
  • Cilantro Coriandrum sativum from Burpee
  • Parsley Single Italian Plain-Leafed/Perejil Simple de Nápoles de Hoja Plana from Burpee
  • Spinach Tyee Spinacia oleracea (hybrid) from Botannical Interests ® Organic and Non-GMO
  • Organic Herb/Native Plant Roselle, Thai Red from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange – This is Hibiscus and it took a while but finally began to have pretty white flowers and is a rather large shrub. The tea is good for helping to lower blood pressure and can be used to dye your hair red. I never got around to trying to make tea from it or use the flowers for anything such as hair dye.
  • Organic Peanut Texas Red and White from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange. We discovered the peanut plant is a root crop and that is why we saw no seeds. When it was dug up from the ground it appeared a bug ate the seeds and we were unable to save anything.
  • Organic Cover Crop Red Clover from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange
  • Burpee Pumpkin First Prize Hybrid Calabaza Giant Fruits up to 300 lbs Full Sun 120 Days to Maturity – The plant only produced two pumpkins and it really overcrowded the backyard. The one pumpkin was very small and the one side rotted or just looked pretty bad. The other pumpkin was larger and the one side was completely flat from growing on the cement. I planted some pumpkin seeds in other areas but they did even sprout or come up at all. The one pumpkin that survived was no where near 300 lbs unfortunately.

I really planted too much. The herbs were a good idea and barely took up any room and did make food taste better. I really liked the yellow jellybean tomatoes, but the other tomatoes were large and took a while to develop and squirrels would bite them. Surprisingly, the squirrels left the jellybean tomatoes alone, and they were a nice extra to add to meals such as pesto or just regular salad. Next year, I plan on just planting the herbs, lettuce, sunflowers, and jellybean tomatoes. I have seeds saved from the tomatoes and sunflowers, but nothing from the herbs and lettuce. Maybe the herbs are GMOs and do not produce seeds?! Most of the red clover cover crop did not come up for me, and it could be because I planted it too early. Next year for sure there will be no peanuts, no hibiscus, no large tomatoes, and possibly no pumpkins and no red clover cover crop. I really overcrowded the area and that was probably the reason some of the plants were really short. However, the other areas I planted had little sunlight and the plants either did not come up or they did not last long or do well. The pumpkins need to be planted in a different place, if I am going to plant them again next year. The herbs definitely work well for the city and the jellybean tomatoes and lettuce are a fantastic addition. That is the plan for next year (just herbs, lettuce, and tomatoes), and I saved some of the jellybean tomato seeds! I hope they come up, as they taste delicious and are a good looking plant.

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