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A lot of the advice I have read (e.g. and ebooks like Blogging In Pink: A Woman’s Guide by Michelle Mitchell) suggests registering your name before someone else does at sites like Facebook and Twitter. You may only use a handful or less of the sites you register your name at, but it is good to do just it case. One of the sites could become very popular and or it helps get your name out there. Here I am documenting how I am attempting to register everywhere. You can pay to do that for you, but let’s see how this works.

As far as the blogging schedule I am aiming to post once a week on the weekend probably Saturday afternoon or Sunday night. It work station clipartwould probably be easier for me to post Saturday night, but many people are probably not on the computer at that time. The weekday afternoons are supposedly good because people have lunch breaks and look at blogs they like at that time. However, right now, I am probably going to end up posting on weekend evenings. I live in Chicago, so I go by CST. Hopefully, I could eventually start posting twice a week with better hours.

I am already registered under SewIsabel at the following sites:


Here are the sites ad per this post I have signed up with:

  1. – signed up with the name SewIsabel and it was great to see all of the sites I could register for, many of which I Floppy Disk Clip Artnever heard of like cafemom and ryze and nibbledish. There is a premium servcie you can pay for that secures your profile on 548 sites.
  2. – I used the name Sew Isabel with a space. It would not let me register SewIsabel because of the capital I. It recommended I use Sewisabel, but I ended up going with Sew Isabel.
  3. – not accepting new members as of writing this due to having issues with spam and working on a way to deal  with that
  4. – Is that British or Standard International English? I did not know this site existed and saw it on It is nice and has lots of creative inspiration, especially on colors.
  5. – I can’t sign up because I am not a mom right now. However, it is against their policy to impersonate someone or a brand or anything so I do not have to worry about that. You can buy advertising there, also. There is a mamaslatinas site too that looks bilingual. That is nice, and can help you try to learn Spanish.
  6. – the pictures of the food on this site look delicious. I should put a user picture on there, just not sure what to use. I could get a logo or use an actual picture of myself. With the logo you may not want people to be able to copy and paste it easily though. Don’t think this site, especially now, is a target for logo misuse though. Even if the logo is misused it gets your name out there and may cause curiosity or people to visit the site.
  7. – this is for videos, if only I knew how to make a good video, will have to learn, registered as SewIsabel
  8. – can make small loans and to people around the world and get paid back. Looks like it is worth a try. I could not register as SewIsabel so it is just Michelle.
  9. hubpages – maybe I will add my squidoo lenses to this site
  10. – did not know this site exisited
  11. – fashion and sewing go well together
  12. – look forward to the recipes
  13. – I really like the concept of listing goals and having others encourage you and vice versa
  14. – this is me, and not someone impersonating me

Many of the comments I get are spam. It is nice to get comments, but a lot of the spam comments don’t make sense. Some of the comments that were deleted mention profiles at the following sites:

  • gamefaqs.comComputer Monitor Clip Art

Possibly in the future I will get a profile at the sites, but right now still have several hundred sites I could register for that are listed on The profile at is authentically me and I have verified the sites that were actually registered by me. There are 40 sites with the user name SewIsabel that are uncontrolled or not me. I will have to update this  post. Registering for these sites is really time consuming. It is not possible to actively use all the sites if you are registered for them. Maybe I will register for fifty and then choose my favorite ones to use.

Here is a list of the uncontrolled sites or not authored by me:

  1. InsaneJournal
  2. Pen
  3. WallInside
  4. Zimbio
  5. zooomr
  6. Kwzz
  7. Helishopter
  8. ProfNet
  9. Swaptree
  10. zillow
  11. 5min
  12. Bigtent
  13. Humblevoice
  14. Perfspot
  15. Sharethis
  16. threadless
  17. Vyoom
  18. skitch
  19. n4g
  20. VIPUnderground
  21. LovewithFood
  22. Strava
  23. Tastyplanner
  24. FlightAware
  25. FormVote
  26. ListGeeks
  27. Rrrather
  28. Suite101
  29. Whattouse
  30. Wadia
  31. Moof
  32. Playlist
  33. Thisismyjam
  34. WebShots
  35. lonelyplanet
  36. Mytripbook
  37. Disclose
  38. JustinTVBook and Lamp Clip Art
  39. Mevio
  40. waywire gave me the list via an excel spreadsheet for free. is actually registered by me, so that can help you know if user for the social site is actually me. Looks like anyone can get a profile and see other profiles and what sites they are registered with. I like In the future I will be working on my profile.

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3 thoughts on “ and Blogging Schedule

  1. Thanks for bringing attention to this matter – many people forget what sites they have registered or do not think to lock down the name of their company or themselves. Another site that helps people with this dilemma is BrandClaimer, at Thanks for the great article!

    1. Thanks for the comment and I will check out It is good to know about other similar sites to or to see what comes up on those sites.

  2. I had a pinterest account about the time I wrote this post and I went to log in this December 2015 and the account was gone. I am somewhat sad as I had some pins I wanted to look at and I thought I had a nice beekeeping board. If I really want to save a site will have to rely on saving it to this blog or the personal computer as I was not expecting that deletion. I probably did not log in for over a year, but I have done that with Facebook and have not had any issues.

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