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Originally, I wanted to post a recipe from a Whole Foods Market for this week. I went to their online forum to find out if I could post a recipe and ended up posting a question on the forum if I was allowed to publish the recipe on this small personal blog. I am not sure I am able to post the recipe without permission. However, it seems okay to me as there are many recipes on the Internet that people share. This recipe was surprisingly not on their website as of writing this. It was for a vegetable paella and tasted really good.

As I am trying to post at least once a week, this week the post is on new plugins I have installed to help with the comments. Basically, I have no comments again. I made a mistake again and the Disqus Comment System plugin must have deleted all of the previous comments. In a way this is good because I was getting a lot of spam. I am looking into how to get the comments by actual people back on the site. It was nice to receive comments written by actual people.

I am sure the spam comments came from robots as they were saying the same things in mass numbers. For a while I was getting hardly any comments, then all of the sudden I would get hundreds of spam comments. Some were hard to tell if they were spam. I ended up spending hours deleting over 2,000 spam comments. This may be because of robots and the comments did not have any plugin to add a CAPTCHA (Completed Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) phrase.

I am looking into some plugins that add a CAPTCHA phrase. Supposedly, there are also robots that look for email addresses on blogs in order to send spam. It is good to have a contact form to prevent that or to have your email written without the @ sign (e.g. the email for this site is michelle [at] Always feel free to contact me at the email michelle [at] I am looking into some plugins that offer a contact form, but as for now this is what the site is. I am happy to know that there are a few more visitors to the site besides me though, even if it is spam.

I am working on a page with all of the plugins I am installing and plan to publish it in the future. Disqus must have a good spam filter, because I am not getting spam anymore. The older posts have some real non spam comments I am going to try to get back on the site. Also, under settings, then  discussion in the WordPress dashboard I made it so comments cannot be made on posts older than 90 days old to prevent spam and checked to stop receiving email notifications when a comment was submitted for moderation.

Here is a preview of the plugin page I am working on:

  1. Max Banner Ads – I had some issues with finding the plugin after I installed it such as finding it under tools and then as a widget under appearance. However, these were quickly resolved using the Wiki Max Press Blog and this was definitely something I could not have done without the help of the plugin and it was free. I would definitely recommend using this plugin. Once you figure out a few minor issues it is very easy to use and you do not have to deal with any codes.
  2. Google XML Sitemaps v3 for qTranslate
  3. Worpit – Manage WordPress – found this while looking into a good way to try to back up the site
  4. WP Adsense Plugin – it is activated, but I have not applied to Adsense for this site yet
  5. All In One SEO Pack – helps make your site rank higher in the search engine, also shows up under settings
  6. SEO Friendly Images – automatically adds tags to images, it was free, but there is a paid version you can upgrade to
  7. SEO Smart Links – helps interlink posts, paid version you can upgrade to
  8. WP Calais Auto Tagger – suggests tags for your post and you can choose to include them or not
  9. Sketch Bookmarks – allows you to add bookmarking buttons
  10. Disqus Comment System – this added the social bookmarking sites next to the comments, very nice! It was also simple to add and was free.
  11. NextGEN Gallery – free – allows you to insert photos without slowing down or crashing blog
  12. Contact Form 7 – free – adds more ways for readers to subscribe and contact blog author(s), will have to figure out to use this, but am looking at all of the plugins mentioned in the eBooks and favorite blogs right now and then will make sure using plugins correctly. This is installed and I don’t see a contact form anywhere. Maybe it has to be added to the sidebar or something and I have to figure out how to do that.
  13. WP-Polls – free – allows you to easily add custom polls to pages/posts/sidebar etc.
  14. Simple Tags – free – helps with bookmarking and finding and identifying posts

The list above is of plugins I have installed on the site right now. Fourteen plugins is probably not a lot for a blog. There are blogs with hundreds of plugins, and I am looking into more to install. Some of them have really helped a lot already.

Here are plugins I am interested in or have considered:

  1. Stats
  2. Comment Luv
  3. Top Commentators Widget
  4. Akismet – helps fight spam, has a paid version and a free version, if you make over $500/month from your blog you might be required to pay
  5. The AVH First Defense Against Spam – has a local blacklist that prevents reported spammers
  6. Block Spam By Math Reloaded – helps prevent spam with a simple math question
  7. User Spam Remover –
  8. Flashcard Plugin – would like to use this in the future
  9. SEO Pressor – paid plugin

You can probably search for these plugins on your own and find them. Many of them were found from sites like and eBooks such as  WordPress Power Guide – Using WordPress to Blog Your Way To Success by Lambert Klein and How To Create a Website With WordPress And Start a Profitable Online Business by Ming Jong Tey. I have not read both books entirely yet. The plugins have helped a lot, and I should have installed them earlier, but was unaware of them until the eBooks.

Just an update, I was able to get the real comments back and am just using Akismet for spam. Too many spam comment plugins can discourage comments. Since all of the comments are basically spam and I have stopped getting really comments I have removed the block on comments for posts over 90 days (WordPress dashboard, settings, then discussion) as I hope to get some real comments. For Akismet they ask you to pay if your blog is making little to no money and it is a personal blog. It is nice I am currently not paying for that plugin right now.

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