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young group of students readingBelow are some resources collected as an elementary education at Illinois State University. I was a bit exhausted senior year and did not complete the student teaching, but might go back and complete it. I gained a lot of good information and hope someone can find the information helpful. This was a page, but I decided to make it a post and possibly make some similar posts in the future as I go through old notebooks and find more resources for teachers or future teachers. Of course, students and parents and many others can benefit from the info and you do not need to be a teacher to review it.  As always forgive me if any of the links are wrong and feel free to contact me with any suggestions, comments, and or suggestions. Hopefully, next week I will publish either on plagiarism statistics or what a teaching philosophy is or maybe a recipe. Also, I am adding a page with the favorite posts I have written. When I post once a week I noticed a lot of the good posts get hidden and forgotten and I think it is worth trying highlight them.

Resources For Teachers

  1. Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom
    This site offers great lesson plans even in subjects such as science written by certified teachers and adhereing to state standards. Of course, the lessons can be modified and customized for elementary education major student assignments (unless the assignment is to create something completely from scratch) and used by practicing teachers. This site offers kits for loans, classroom visits, ag mags, teacher workshops, resource guides, and more. Some additional agriculture related websites include the Illinois Farm Bureau (IFB) and the Illinois Farm Bureau & Affiliated Companies Youth Education Program at and the IAA Foundation at
  2., access to online teacher chat rooms that allow teachers to ask for advice, post lesson plans and morestudent looking at globe clip art
  3., allows you to access learning materials for the textbook Literacy Assessment: Helping Teachers Plan Instruction (J.David Cooper & Nancy D. Kiger) Just type in Literacy Assessment and click on the textbook that is now in its fourth editon as of 2012. You can also click the following link,
  4. This is the site for the book How To Be an Effective Teacher: The First Days of School by Harry K. Wong & Rosemary T. Wong. It is a great book and highly recommended by many professors as it especially helps a new teacher start the school year off right. It goes over what to do on the first days of school and how to handle discipline issues and much more. What you are taught in college is often an overwhelming amount of information and then you are put in a classroom and told to teach. This book will help you make it through the first year of teaching without feeling stressed or improve the practices of an experienced teacher.

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  1. book day first read school are so exisnepve. I agree, We have been looking for all night for a new book day first read school class but havent been able to track down used that I can afford. Anyway, I enjoyed looking at you blog jon

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