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therapeutic salt bath productI have suffered with bad allergies ever since I received my cat around the time I was in eighth grade. Before then I am sure I suffered from seasonal hay fever. When I got my cat from the shelter a few months after having her around the house I had horrible problems with sneezing and itchy eyes and a pretty bad runny nose. When my father took me to the doctor we were referred to an allergist. The allergist tested both of use for allergies. My dad had some minor allergies to cat and pollen. I was allergic to cat and dog and dust and ragweed/mold/pollen. I have year round allergies and both indoor and outdoor allergies. For several years I was taking Zyrtec D (which used to be prescription and is now over the counter) and receiving immuno-therapy shots. After years of immuno-therapy shots my allergy improved, but the treatment seemed to have plateaued and my allergies did not get much better. There were actually issues where the allergist office did not want to accept the insurance, and I began to think possibly I was in the minority in which immuno-therapy shots did not help after a while.

Below are some options that I have tried and or am interested in trying for allergies:

  • Acupuncture – after first or second treatment the post nasal drip stopped and people mentioned how I sounded better. After several months of treatment my allergies are much better. The insurance does not cover this, and where I live in Chicago I have been paying $35 per session. It has also helped me with a painful period, but that is another issue.
  • Galos Caves – this is a salt cave located in Chicago. If you search the Internet you can find salt caves in the suburbs and I am sure many other places. It has helped with my allergies and I feel refreshed after a treatment. This salt cave uses Baltic salt and I am Stinging Nettle Leaves For Allergies SolaRay Brandfound some salt caves on the Internet that use Himalayan salt, which is supposed to be the best.
  • King Spa – a great place that has a steam room and salt cave, sure to help allergy sufferers.
  • Diet – gluten and dairy supposed can worsen allergies. The article at entitled “Eat Your Way to Allergy Relief” has advice such eating red grapes and broccoli and locally produced honey
  • Chiroprator – just a general suggestion for overall health. Many people that have been in car accidents go to the chiropractor. Everyone can probably benefit from going as your spine can become misaligned from simple everyday things such as holding a baby. Chiropractic can even help during pregnancy and labor see the article at entitled  “How & Why can Chiropractic help you in pregnancy & labor? – with Dr. Cathy Taig”
  • Massage Therapy – just a general suggestion or idea for overall and preventive health measures. I have never tried this as the price seems a little steep at least for me right now, but I am sure it helps.
  • Boiling/steaming water in a bowl or pot, place towel over head and breathe in steam – this is something my paternal great grandmother suggested to me once and it helps. Just bring the water to boil and place a towel over your head when you breath in the steam. Of course, you a potholder or something when you put the cooking pot on the table.
  • stinging nettle – The article “Soothe Spring Allergies Naturally” from mentions this and it worked successfully for me. However, the health food store had nettle leaves which is the same as stinging nettle. The article also mentions taking bee pollen before and during the season if you have spring allergies. This concept is similar to immuno-therapy, but must cheaper and without the shots.
  • compresses – I have yet to try this, and view this with caution as I have read of a case where it was applied too harshly and ruined the eyesight of a child. However, done moderately and with caution probably works. Sometimes just putting a wet washcloth over your eyes while napping can help.
  • herbalist – I have used a herbalist from Chinatown here in Chicago for a few months and although the tea does not always taste the best it has helped me. The acupuncture has probably helped my allergies the most, even more than the immunotheraphy. In the US acupuncture is more popular than herbs, but in China the herbs are the main treatment.
  • homeopathy – I have not tried this yet, but have heard great things. In Chinatown some of the herbalists also offered homeopathy. I am sure this can help with allergies
  • – this video interview includes how the mother eventually refused to give her children allergy medication and visited two Naturopathic physicians with VEGA Testing. Maybe I should look up a Naturopath as the immuno-therapy and medications have not worked that great for me.

Also, here are some websites I jotted down while reading an April 2013 edition of Natural Awakenings magazine in an office waiting room that have some products for allergy relief, all of which I am sure are cheaper than prescription medication and immuno-therapy shots:

  • – looks like the magazine has a pretty extensive website
  • – offers salt therapy products, the Himalayan salt is supposedly among the best and can help with more than allergies
  • – I would like to go to this, I am sure they have something for allergies
  • – advertisement was more for skin care, but since this place offers homeopathy looks like they can help with allergies also

Also, as for the website I am now trying to make sure all the photos have Alt Tags, a caption and or description, and a SEO friendly file name as this helps make sure the image gets bookmarked correctly with search engines, which can increase traffic. The Alt Tags tell what should be displayed when the mouse moves over the image and helps search engines of course. Now I am going back to old posts and making sure the images have this as I am sure I did not do this in the beginning. Every post should have an image for every 500 to 600 words. So 1500 word posts should have three images. I am trying to take all the pictures myself so I do not have to deal with copyright, although it is probably OK if I cite where the image is from if I did not take the picture myself. Also, in the future I would like to look into purchasing one of those white backdrops for taking photos for eBay items and pictures for this site and maybe Amazon if I could figure out how to be a Professional Merchant on Amazon eventually.

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4 thoughts on “Tips For Allergy Relief

  1. Hi, We just recently moved to the Orlando Florida area 2 mohtns ago from Iowa. We looked forward to warmer weather and not to have to battle the snow and cold, im not sure that was the best choice now. I use to get a headache a few times a week, my hayfever would kick in around June/July and then after that go away. Since moving here I have been plagued with headache after headache some making me sick. My eyes hurt, I can feel pressure in my nose and around my eyes I feel tired and just miserable. I need to go out and find a job teaching but feeling like this I know I would not last the day, and its a hit or miss some days fine some days bad, one after another. I went to the doctor they thought I had a sinus infection, but after taking meds for 7 days its still happening. My son and daughter have also been having alot of headaches so much I have to keep Tylenol at the school so they have it when they feel one coming on. I cant take sinus medications with pseudoephdrine as they make my heart race and raises my blood pressure. I have a constent ringing in my ears also. What should I do. I am usually a very busy person and a workaholic but since I have been here I dont feel like doing much. Help in Orlando.

    1. Thanks for visiting and the comment. I would stick with acupuncture treatments as they are effective and do not have the side effects. Possibly consider a chiropractor.

  2. I have terrible arellgies, especially in May and August, whatever blooms outside in those months really makes me feel ill. I never get colds though. I found that drinking tons of water a day prevents me from getting sinus infections and soar throats from arellgies. I haven’t had a cold in years and my other family members get them as often as the rest of the population and I never get them and the only thing I can put my finger on is drinking tons of water daily. I always have water at my side and sip it regularly, whether I am at home or away from home, when I carry water with me. Try it, it might work for you too.

    1. That sounds like a good idea, and I will definitely focus more on that especially with summer coming. Thanks for the comment. – Michelle 🙂

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