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I am currently working on the plugins page here, and have been thinking about what to post. The plugins page is under website then plugins. I will probably delete this. I should set aside more time to sit down and write articles. It is one thing to have the idea, but another to execute the idea and spend the time putting it into action, like the saying success is 90% perspiration. I thought maybe I would post this compilation of lesson plans I got from an elementary education major class. I am not sure if you can do that though. It might be ok, as a lot of lessons teachers use are collected from other places and many have forgotten the original source. I have to look into that. Anyway that would give me time to write additional articles and give me at least a month or two of some good posts. Also, I should go back to the old posts and make sure they have pictures that have the correct search engine tags. If I had time I could make word documents of the old posts as they don’t really print correctly. Also, the following link has actually made me more money than LinkShare and Commission Junction even though this site is currently not at the stage to really make anything . If you could click the link I would appreciate it. I do get some visitors here, but not a lot at this point. The site does not pay for itself, but the start-up costs are not crazy. Commission Junction is more for very high traffic sites, and something small like this seems much better off with something like clickbank and or cash4visits. I have also started an account with for article writing as it pays a little, but I have not made it to the $20 or $25 threshold yet.

I am just adding a few sentences now in December 2013 to update this. The Cash4Visits is a bit of a scam as there were many comments on how people could not get there money from the site and I had the same problem. You meet the threshold and then cannot get passed the survey. I never made enough from Commission Junction and LinkShare so I just deleted those ads and there are no ads on the site as of December 2013.

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