Henna Hair Dye

I was inspired to try henna in my hair after reading an article in HealthKeepers Magazine entitled, “You Can Change Your Hair reflected orchid and candleColor Without Harsh Chemicals, Naturally.” Henna is a small tree native to northern Africa and parts of Asia. The leaves are dried and turned into a powder. Henna powder is also called mendhi, and is often used for temporary skin tattoos.

Henna is cheaper and healthier for your hair. It actually conditions it and will not weaken or dry it out. It does not leave a dye line that is noticeable, and does not need a touch up every month. It gives every person a natural custom color that should look great, although it is always recommended to test a strand of hair before using to see if you would like the color. It gives dark hair a shine and reddish glow and will make blonde hair red and sometimes orange. Henna is better for the environment and does not contain synthetic harsh chemicals. Every time you wash your hair the henna will gradually come out and lighten. Henna costs less money than a chemical dye and will not damage your hair.

Some people would consider it negative that henna takes longer than the chemical hair dyes as you have to sit with it in your hair for one to three hours or more if you desire, but you can read a book or take a nap or do many other things while you wait. My hairdresser stated it was a nice color, but some hair sections were skipped or missing dye. She said the only problem with natural hair dye is that it is really hard to use regular hair dye when you have natural hair dye in your hair. It is also in your hair until it washes out or you use dark henna or blonde henna or something else to change the shade.

Henna should stay in your hair at least a month. In my personal experience the henna did not come out of my hair lasted more than one month. The instructions in a box of Light Mountain Natural, a hair dye containing henna, offers instructions for removing the Light Mountain Natural involving Crystal Light Lemonade®, but warns it may not work well on light hair. The regular hair dye stays in your hair until it grows out, but you can dye close to your natural color. It is also not recommended to use henna hair dye in your hair if you have regular dye in your hair as the resulting color may be too brassy or not what was expected.

The video below found on YouTube explains how to make henna for your hair.

You can also add coffee, vinegar, chamomile tea and other ingredients to change the color results. You can find other suggestions and directions for making henna hair dye at http://www.light-mountain-hair-color.com/. Make sure to always use gloves when applying the henna so as not to get the henna color on your hands for longer than you would like. I recommend letting it cure longer if needed to make a paste so it is not runny which can be difficult to work with. Also, some sources say to use distilled water or water that has sat overnight so the chemicals do not cause the color to be too brassy. Also, if you use metal it can cause the color to be brassy. I had one henna treatment I did myself that was a brassy color for like two days and then it went away.  The longer the henna stays in your hair the darker the color it achieves in your hair. A good one to three hours is best for letting the henna stay in your hair. You can wrap plastic over your hair while the henna sits or use a shower cap or even a plastic bag or use nothing as the plastic wrap is not needed. Some instructions are slightly different and call for boiling the water, but that is not necessary. Use gloves when you wash henna out of your hair so not to stain your skin.


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