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As I have had issues in the past with losing info due to poor backup I decided to purchase CodeGuard cloud backup via the cpanel on HostGator. I really should not have as I am really not making any money off this site, but I do not want to risk losing all of the work I have put in so far. Also, I have made some money online just really nothing so far through this site. I thought installing CodeGuard would be a difficult process but it is linked with the HostGator control panel and was very quick and painless involving no complicated coding instructions. After searching the HostGator website support section for backup articles and reading how they recommend you do not rely on their weekly backups (as per the article at I decided to purchase the CodeGuard Professional 5GB plan for $49.95/yr. As of this writing there is a 1GB basic plan for $19.95/yr, 10 GB premium plan for $99.95/yr, and a 25GB enterprise plan for $239.95/yr. CodeGuard compresses the file so the 25GB plan may actually be saving 35GB. Right now this site is using 244.5MB (0.30 GB) and it is compressed to 94.94 MB. I am aware there are other options such as VaultPress which has similar pricing, but right now I will try CodeGuard. I have not posted in while because I am trying to figure out how to Floppy Disk Clip Arthandle the technical aspects of the site. I am considering using Aweber for a subscriber list, but that costs money. If I recommend a product or maybe sell something I make via the subscriber list then it would pay for itself. I really have not made any money from when I had advertisements on this site. I have made some money from selling items on eBay and Amazon though. Below is a video that explains what CodeGuard is. I don’t think it saves post drafts I have on WordPress, just what the site/blog looks like.

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