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Floppy Disk Clip ArtFor the last few weeks I have been writing keyword and post descriptions for the All In One SEO Pack plugin. I have also edited past posts and added clip art to them. This plugin is free, but offers a Pro Version upgrade that costs a one time fee plus a discounted annual fee or a monthly fee. As for right now this site is not making any money so I will probably just eventually leave a tip and in the future consider the paid version. The website for the plugin,, also offers graphic design and web design. I noticed in the past when I would Google sewisabel some of the descriptions I wrote would come up and now I do not see any of the descriptions I wrote. Nevertheless, I could use all the help I could get with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and hopefully this helps give me a traffic boost. This is really something I should have installed and kept up with from the first day I started this blog. The screen shot on the left if you can see it shows how the plugin gives you a place to write the title, description, and keywords. You All In One SEO Plugin Screen Shotcan tell from the screen shot right now I am using a Windows computer and should consider a Mac for my next computer. The one negative to a Mac is if you are a student and you are working on a group project with PowerPoint as the formatting doesn’t transfer well and looks a little off. Nearly everyone in student group projects has Windows computers and uses PowerPoint and the computers in the classrooms are usually PowerPoint also. I am not a full-time student anymore so I could handle a Mac for a possible next computer. Writing 42 blog post descriptions took a while so this is a plugin that is good to use from the beginning. You can use this plugin later and not write descriptions for the posts in the beginning and start with posts after a certain date. It is time consuming to to edit and write 42 blog post descriptions. Nearly all the posts should now be under the ‘All Posts’ category and the clip art additions also help with SEO as you can write a description to the clip art in the media gallery and that may get indexed. The clip art also helps with Pinterest pins. In one of the next few posts I am going to over the logo design I purchased at I have a few different signature style logos I can use now.

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  1. There are many SEO plugins out there but not many are as useful as Scribe SEO. This is a free Google service and only requires that you have a blog, web site, or any other online content.

    1. Thanks! I found a plugin called just Scribe and it did not say anything about it being a Google service. Still SEO is important and any help in that area is welcome. I will have to look into this again in the future. Sounds like the more the merrier with SEO plugins.

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