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Below is the website page I had on this blog in 2013. I am converting the general website page into tips for having a blog/website and then using informationcomputer clip art from this on a ‘Getting Started’ page to be under the Website tab. I am also interested in eventually putting some of the information below on an affiliates page either under the ‘About’ tab or ‘Website’ tab. Nothing is changed below it just sort of a little reference now. Looking at the former page below I don’t even use Commission Junction or Linkshare anymore as I made no money from them. I think those only work for very high traffic blogs and websites. Furthermore you only make money from those sites if someone clicks on those ads and then buys something. I have clicked on ads like those in the past but basically never bought anything after clicking on those ads. That is what most people do. They rarely click on the ads and then pretty much never buy anything after clicking on them. They really are good for high traffic sites, but it didn’t work for me and this blog.


Here I hope to post recommendations for books I have used that have helped me get a website up and running and affiliate links among other related information. So far I have registered and use the username SewIsabel at the following sites:

  • reviews
  • a few others, which I will add later

I hope to one day try to sell some items on I have a few sewing projects which I might eventually post to this site and try to sell on etsy and am really looking forward to trying to make some fiber art as per Carol Ann Waugh’s class, Stupendous Stitching, on Fiber art seems like a fun way to use the decorative stitches on a sewing machine and I think it makes a pretty piece of artwork. The supplies may cost more but it has texture and is interesting and fun. Always feel free to contact me via the comments and or michelle [at]

Right now I have registered for the following affliate programs:

  • or Commission Junction

I ended up using LinkShare and Comission Junction because I saw them advertised on retailers I had positive experiences with like Barnes and Noble and Alibris and eCampus. Both LinkShare and Comission Junction have been kind to let me experiment with applying to various merchants and figuring out how to embed the ads. This is site is pretty basic and would be easy for them to reject, but they were very welcoming and send tips and recommendations to my email. Both Commission Junction and LinkShare promote major retailers.

 LinkShare Referral Prg

Below are affiliate programs I am interested in:

  • – supposedly among the most profitable programs to join.
  • – has incentives for using recommendations but really no actual program I know of at this point. Nevertheless, it is a helpful site with great information.
  • – site has received lots of positive feedback for a great product and I have not had any issues with using the theme, it has made things much easier and I am a beginner so it is very appreciated. I really like the big save button, because it is pretty frustrating if you forget to save.
  • – this works with my interests and fits well with the website. Hope to check it out soon!
  • also interested in and Google AdSense. I have seen lots of ads for manta and almost every piece of advice mentions Google Adsense.
  • HostGator has an affiliate program too and offers a good price with good quality and great customer service. John Chow also uses HostGator and I have seen it recommended by other bloggers too.

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  1. Have realized now in 2015 Squidoo is now Hubpages and I have a SewIsabel registered there but all the posts are gone. Writing articles online is a great way to get your name out there and hopefully increase traffic. Another article writing site that is similar to Squidoo and does not really exist anymore is I think it lasted ten years and now has some report on how to increase traffic to a website so it is probably selling coaching and or classes and the site mentions article writing sites became very popular and competitive which is why it stopped that platform and only has the existing members already registered remaining on the site. Some non-article writing sites that can help with website traffic include and

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