A Favorite YouTube Beekeeping Video

Below is one of my favorite beekeeping videos I found on YouTube. It is by LDSPrepper and called ‘Honey Extraction: 3Top Bar Hive Uncapping Methods.’ The information is very helpful and I decided to try Fischer’s Bee-Quick fumigant after watching this. It is my first year beekeeping and I have found the bees more aggressive than what most beekeepers and books state. The fumigant will definitely help. I have a top bar hive (pictured to the right and I have actually moved it as was on un-level ground). The fume board will probably not work on a top bar hive, it is designed for a Langstroth hive. I will probably not try a fume board this year unless I could really use the help. A smoker and fumigant alone might not be enough. When the bees were introduced to the hive the one bee stung my glove pretty bad and others were landing on the beekeeping suit and following me, and that was when they were supposedly non-aggressive because they were at that point homeless.  I have taken some classes and read some beekeeping books and this video has encouraged me to seek out a beekeepers association. As mentioned in the video, LDSPrepper belongs to the Montgomery Texas Beekeeper Association (mocobees.com). It mentions using Enoz Moth Ice Crystals to get rid of any wax moths and larvae. I plan on using the crush and strain method for harvesting, but this video mentions the electric uncapping knife and uncapping plane and the good old uncapping knife. The video is below and is 19 minutes and 36 seconds long.

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