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To help organize myself and keep track of my expenses I ended up typing the PDF, Word, and OpenDocument Texts attached below. They are just basic and have space for the date, transaction, deposit, withdrawal, and balance. You can change the color or title of the charts and or add columns etc. Word and OpenOffice have basic math abilities if the information is typed. I tried handwriting this info in the past and did not think it looked that legible or neat. I tried Excel and it was almost overly complex and you had to know how to make it look like a chart and the little tricks on how it calculates things. Also, it was hard to make the rows taller with Excel, they printed rather skinny and it became harder to read than the Word charts at times. Nevertheless, this is what I have been currently using and I keep the documents in a binder with receipts and other useful info. It is like a mini financial hub. Some people have a designated desk in their homemath 27 as a financial hub area. Some people do not like keeping a cash expense log, but I find it helps me keep track of my spending and I would hope to save more and spend less. I searched the Internet and found very similar charts but ended up typing my own. The ones on the Internet were PDFs and it was not possible to easily edit them or it was an Excel document and it did not print right and or had columns I did not feel I would use. These were easily made in Word and similar to others found on the Internet and are saved in three formats each (Word, OpenOffice, and PDF).

Here are the nine attachments:

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