2014 Monthly Traffic History

Below is a screen shot and a bullet list of the monthly traffic history for this blog in 2014. The screen shot is from the HostGator cPanel. Some of the traffic can be attributed to a one time purchase for a million hits from 10khits.com. I have not used all the traffic points from 10khits.com so the traffic for this blog has improved.  The blog still has no ads on it and has not made any money. The actual mailing list with the sign up form to the right that uses MailChimp has very few subscribers. Should look into offering a nice freebie incentive to encourage signing up for the mailing list. The RSS feed has around 2400 subscribers most of which I suspect are spam. I have seen the number dip below and above 2400 subscribers.

  • January 2014
    • 926 Unique Visitors and 24,214 Hits and 15,681 Pages and 3,172 Number of Visitsabacus
  • February 2014
    • 627 Unique Visitors and 15,405 Hits and 7,687 Pages and 1,476 Number of Visits
  • March 2014
    • 690 Unique Visitors and 32,381 Hits and 10,835 Pages and 1,545 Number of Visits
  • April 2014
    • 1,280 Unique Visitors and 31,506 Hits and 11,639 Pages and 2,514 Number of Visits
  • May 2014
    • 4,076 Unique Visitors and 135,153 Hits and 24,995 Pages and 9,811 Number of Visits
  • June 2014
    • 4,446 Unique Visitors and 165,588 Hits and 27,796 Pages and 12,234 Number of Visits
  • July 2014
    • 5,016 Unique Visitors and 128,170 Hits and 30,527 Pages and 12,892 Number of Visits
  • August 2014
    • 7,264 Unique Visitors and 147,629 Hits and 39,077 Pages and 16,233 Number of Visits
  • September 2014
    • 4,648 Unique Visitors and 161,622 Hits and 48,180 Pages and 15,994 Number of Visits
  • October 2014
    • 3,014 Unique Visitors and 79,460 Hits and 38,616 Pages and 12,304 Number of Visits
  • November 2014
    • 4,131 Unique Visitors and 132,806 Hits and 50,859 Pages and 17,047 Number of Visits
  • December 2014
    • 4,112 Unique Visitors and 100,857 Hits and 49,334 Pages and 11,030 Number of Visits
  • Totals
    • 40,230 Unique Visitors and 1,154,791 Hits and 355,226 Pages and 116,252 Number of Visits

2014 Monthly Traffic Graph

The screen shot of the graph below shows the number of visits per day for December. For December the average number of visits per day was 355. The blog does seem to be doing better with traffic. At one point it was 50 visits per day and then it was 200 then 100. The traffic numbers have improved, but it can be attributed to a paid traffic purchase from 10kits.com. The real test would be if this continued to next year in 2015 and the number of the subscribers to the mailing list increased. There is also a list of the countries people visited from that is in the HostGator cPanel (and there is no screen shot of it here). It is interesting to look at from time and time and for the past several months the US and China have ranked in the top two spots of most visitors. I have never noticed a month for this blog where the US does not rank as the country with the most hits. It makes sense the US would have the most hits for this blog as it is US based and where I currently live. The other page hits come from countries ranging from Moldova to Mauritius to India to Brazil to Canada. It changes all the time. The two most important things to focus on with a blog are content and traffic. Content and traffic do go together and that is what I am going to try to focus on for 2015.

2014 Days of the Month Blog Traffic

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