Tales From the Hive PBS YouTube Beekeeping Video

Below is an approximately 54 minute PBS beekeeping video found on YouTube. There are some very good videos you can find on YouTube. It is called Tales From the Hive (2000, 2007) and chronicles  one year of a bee colony. Really enjoyed it and found it informative and helpful. I never saw a swarm of bees in a town square like in the video. Swarming is a new point of interest and bee clip artconcern I have with bees. It is definitely something beekeepers try to avoid. Beekeepers at least make an effort to prevent and or capture swarms and place them in a new hive. Looking into watching the Burt’s Bees documentary also.  Bees are fascinating, weird yet awe-inspiring, honest yet puzzling,  didactic yet predictable, docile yet aggressive and there is always something to learn about them.

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