50 Ways To Wear A Scarf Book Review

As the title of the book implies, 50 Ways To Wear A Scarf by Lauren Friedman goes over 50 ways to wear a scarf plus rather brief information on the history of the scarf and storing scarves. The author has a blog called My Closet in Sketches and is also a stylist and artist. The book is rectangle shaped and is very visual including lots of sketches. I found the book by chance perusing the public library shelves. This would definitely make a good gift book with or without a scarf. As of right now I do not think it would fit an eBook reader well. It goes over square and oblong scarves and storing scarves and a history of the scarf. The styles I liked were the Montreal and the knot. Also liked the infinity and the cummerbund and the fan (although had issues figuring that one out)
fashion scarf and the lazy girl and the kimono. As of right now I do not have any square scarves, but found some of the square scarf designs intriguing such as the New York and the professor and the ponytail. This is a book you would most likely reuse and therefore is worth buying the hard copy. I appreciated the book and would buy a copy. This a book you would just want to have to reference for the photos and instructions. It is about looking at the instructions for each individual style.

Aside from the book a friend of mine that is a doula loves the Mexican Rebozo shawl. Compared to their price in Mexico, what they cost in the United States is overpriced. If she ever knows of anyone going to Mexico she asks them to bring her back some Rebozo shawls. Doing a quick Internet search brought up the following sites related to the Rebozo:

Some Rebozo YouTube vidoes:

Another scarf I like is the ARMigami (armigami.com). The site armigami.com has great videos on how to wear it.

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