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I have pasted below what I had posted as a page under sewing and then art. It is a list of art related and artist websites I found on Twitter. I have changed the page for more of a focus on fiber art. Since this page was made I have found many more artist websites on Twitter. This is for reference as I still like most of these blogs and sites. I would like to use the fiber art page to post pictures of the fiber art I plan to make.

Under construction. I would like to include pictures of the pieces of fiber art I plan to make on my sewing machine here. Right now I am still working a stitch Bible for my sewing machine.

Artist websites found on twitter:sewing items

  1. (@wikipediart) contemporary art
  2. Kitty Lawson Designs (@yasminatKLD) BA in Creative Design. Love of Textiles Pattern and Colour. Seeking Sustainable and Ethical Design Solutions.  Scotland
  3. (@Art14_London) – second art fair in London after Art13 London, taking place Feb 28 to March 2, 2014 at Olympia Grand
  4. (@moneyartist) – paintings with genuine USSR money, money artist, Igor Arinich, Moscow, Russia
  5. (@5PiecesGallery) – offer discounts and news and previews, can show your art on the ArtWall
  6. (@drVinKC) – oil acrylic canvas metal, EXTREMELY LARGE FORMAT CONTEMPORARY ABSTRACTS Oil Acrylic Canvas Metal Paper FineArt Paintings Prints Photography 
  7. (@PWH3) – New York City, website looks like it has lots of art gallery and art gallery party photos
  8. (@JonasAlmgren) – Entrepreneur with a passion for art and running. CEO: Artfinder, Co-Founder: VIP Art Fair, One Art World, and PremierGuide, Eng. Exec. at: E.piphany, Vantive, Cambridge, UK
  9. (@worldarts) – contemporary art and artists, world events, traveling, and more
  10. (@pausedesigns) – specialize in illustration, vinyl toys, painting, and more
  11. (@TheFountainGall) – artist’s co-operative in the center of Wigton (Cumbria UK)
  12. Sharon Low (@SharonKLow) – Personal twitter account for Sharon Low, British artist of Australian Chinese heritage. London, UK –

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