October 2016 Outdoor Fall Blog Photos

Below are three photos taken outdoors in October 2016. I used a Groupon coupon and there is retouching such a small stain on my shirt and the one photo with the fuchsia scarf had my coat on the side showing and I asked the photographer to take it out of the photo. I wore fuchsia as it is supposed to help you stand out in fall outdoor photos. I also asked her to put a slight complexion or beauty filter on my face, but I do not think she did that. I had my nice boots polished and wore some of my best and favorite clothes. I have a small amount of concealer on and lipstick. I also have a no-chip manicure and a natural-dye-color in my hair that has no bleach. After the photo session I noticed I had lipstick on my teeth and I told the photographer to check if that needed retouching. They are high quality photos. For the first time I added photos of myself to the blog.

I also added four selfies and two photos of pictures of myself on the wall of my home. In one of the photos I am probably in 7th or 8th grade and the other I am probably 21 or 22 as it is my undergraduate degree photo in 2008 at ISU. As for selfies, the one with the fake tiger in the background is at the KingSpa (kingspa.com) and the one in which I am wearing green is the week of St. Patrick’s day. All the selfies are from 2016, but I do not know the exact dates they were taken. I plan to take photos every fall and post them on the blog. I almost want to take some indoor studio photos too and post them on the blog, maybe I will post photos sometimes twice a year. When I started the blog I had no photos of myself on it, but I figured half the US has their photo on Facebook and there is a lot of good blogging advice out there to put a picture of yourself on your blog and I finally took and found some nice photos of myself and posted them here. 

October 2016 outdoor fall photo for blog SewIsabel October Fall 2016 Outdoor Photo Michelle SewIsabel October 2016 Outdoor Fall Photo SewIsabel Michelle king spa selfie tiger in background 2016 st-pat-day-selfie-2016 SewIsabel red shirt selife SewIsabel 2016 Michelle Blog camo-sweatshirt-selfie-2016 ISU photo of photo 2008 7th grade photo

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