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Below are screen shots from my HostGator cPanel of 2016 blog traffic for SewIsabel.com. It shows the top 25 countries and monthly average Traffic Totals Blog SewIsabel 2016 Monthly Hitsfor December 2016. One screen shot shows the monthly average of daily visits for June 2016. There is a screen shot of the monthly history from January 2016 to December 2016. As the pictures give the details and can be enlarged by clicking on them I have noted the monthly average for each month. Only  two of the screen shots below give the monthly average (for June and December 2016). The cPanel lets me go back to 2011. Instead of posting twelve screen shots I just typed the month and average below:

  • January 2016 – 838 visits/day
  • February 2016 – 636 visits/day
  • March 2016 – 807 visits/day
  • April 2016 – 706 visits/day
  • May 2016 – 914 visits/dayTraffic Totals Countries Blog Dec 2016
  • June 2016 – 1,079 visits/day
  • July 2016 – 885 visits/day
  • August 2016 – 681 visits/day
  • September 2016 – 673 visits/day
  • October 2016 –  673 visits/day
  • November 2016 – 914 visits/day
  • December 2016 – 157 visits/day

The above totals 8,963 and divided by twelve months would equal 746.9 visits/day. These seem like impressive numbers, but I have recently discovered over half of the visits are robots. Some are good robots such as those for search engines and others are bad with hacking intentions. Really, the number of visitors is much lower. For December it may have been lessTraffic Totals Blog SewIsabel Dec 2016 Monthly AverageTraffic Totals Blog June 2016 Daily Average than fifty human visitors per day. Still, much better than when I started, but still not enough to make money off of affiliate marketing.

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