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I updated the about page and have posted and pasted the old about page below.

Hello! My name is Michelle and I am the author of this site. I started this site as place to record information that helps me learn to sew and cook and clean well. Growing up I was never directly taught these skills, and felt they were useful to have. Sewing especially can save you money, make you money, and be fun at times. Also, I was an elementary education major in college at Illinois State University for about three years and feel I have some useful information from that experience to place on this site. I ended up getting basically a liberal arts degree. You can find more information about my elementary education major experience throughout the site (see the teaching category). I needed extra time to complete the student teaching and did not feel I had the money and even energy to put in an extra year or semester at that point. Hence the elementary education category for posts. As I am learning how to start a website and trying to figure out how websites work and there is the website post category that has tips I learned. This is a work in progress, and I am very happy you visited. I hope you come back and always feel free to contact me via the comments and or my email michelle [at] sewisabel.com.

Also, you can see I have an interest in natural and green cleaning and cooking and health issues such as Lamaze and doulas (birth assistants that help ease pain naturally and shown to decrease the use of epidurals, see dona.org) and acupuncture and the benefits of chiropractic care. I chose the name SewIsabel as SewMichelle was taken and both names had a rich heritage and similar meaning of a good, godly, moral woman. Also, Isabel is a very beautiful name, and I felt it had a style I could work with. It was not generic and general (which has its benefits) like SewGood, and could represent more of a niche or style or personality. My current residence is Chicago, Illinois, USA and sometimes that is apparent throughout the site. I have plans to add quizzes on sewing and cleaning and other topics, but right now I am still learning a great deal of information about websites and deciding what information to record and what seems best. Recently, I started beekeeping as a hobby and have a page that records my experiences with that.

Blogging schedule: Currently, I am posting once a month, but would like to post at least once a week.

Comments: Have spam control plugins installed as was receiving spam comments in the past and now receive very few real comments.

Newsletter: Have very few subscribers, but have quarterly updates planned. That is a newsletter every March, June, September, and December. There are RSS subscribers, but next to no subscribers for the newsletter that uses MailChimp. I am glad I am using MailChimp at no cost right now (because I have very few subscribers) rather than paying for Aweber.

Disclaimer: Copyright does not protect facts and general knowledge but it may protect the way it is presented.  No need to contact for permission of brief passages and quotations with the source given. This is a personal blog and it is not immune from typos and human error. Information is given on a good faith effort and expert status is not claimed. Also note an effort has been made to verify the blog when possible, but spam and unverified use of this blog name cannot immediately be addressed. Use own discretion.http://sewisabel.com/wp-content/plugins/oiopub-direct/js.php#type=banner&align=center&zone=2

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Spare-time aspiring fiber artist, gardener, beekeeper and sew much more! Author of SewIsabel.com.

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