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Below are eight articles about saving the bees from Christy at Thank you so much for visiting my blog and emailing me Christy and for helping me spread the buzz about bees! I currently do not get a lot of emails from blog visitors and it cheers me up when I receive them. There are a lot small things that can be done to to help the bees. They are great pollinators and increase crop yields.  The Huffington Post article “Now That Bees Are Endangered, The Rest Is Up To Us” (Joseph Erbentraut, 10/5/2016 6:47 pm ET, updated Jan 15, 2017, accessed August 2, 2017) does state there are now seven endangered bee species. I have also posted these articles at

Here’s Why We Need to Save the Bees + 10 Things You Can Do to Help

How to Become A Tree Hugger

Make a Mason Bee HouseAll Beehives Aug 14 2016

The Buzz on Beekeeping: A Guide to Bringing Up Bees in Your Own Backyard

Making a Bee-Friendly Garden

Help the Honey Bees! Toxic Pesticides to Avoid in Your Garden

Guide to Composting at Home

Buzzing for Solutions: 13 Organizations and Initiatives Helping to Save Bees

[2] art beekeeping

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