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Below are articles I was emailed from visitors to this blog from the end of 2017 until now (February 2018). The articles are very informative and I plan to add a link to this post on the teaching websites page.

As more and more seniors choose to age in place in the homes where they raised their families, there is more need than ever for all of us – regardless of age – to make sure we know how to be safe in our homes. Below are some articles I received in an email from Maria at elderimpact.orgStack of Library Books

Women’s health is such an important topic. We’ve worked with a lot of women at Elder Impact, and one of their main points of concern is always health. And since we work with women of all ages, we know that there are many wellness issues on women’s minds, depending on their diets, physical activity levels, ages and any chronic issues they may be dealing with. As a way of supporting the amazing women that enrich and empower all of our lives, I’m sending you some resources that cover a wide range of topics related to women’s health.

Below are some articles I was emailed from Megan at They relate to people with disabilities and building community and support.homework

Below are some articles from Rachel on tutoring students with disabilities

Below are some parenting and even kids’ mental health articles from Tilda at

Below is an article from Lorrie, a blog visitor

Below is a link to an article from Jessica on creating a home where children with disabilities can thrive

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