Maple Leaf Park Paint By Number Slideshow

Above is a slideshow video of photos I took of my progress completing a maple leaf park paint by number kit I bought on eBay. This slideshow is my third video uploaded to YouTube ( I used to have someone put the slideshow together for me. I chose the music Wander by Ikson on the Vlog No Copyright Music channel on YouTube ( ). I tried putting together a slideshow with a free template from and it required Adobe After Effects (I signed up for the free trial). I was also impressed with templates on They are just not straightforward and easy to use. The templates are not for the hobbyist and were not as easy as inserting photos. I spent hours watching tutorials and reading articles and figured out how to download the template and change the text and insert the photos. Still, the preview did not seem right. It was playing slowly. Then I had to figure out how to change the font of the text. After that, I still needed to upload music and convert it to an MP3 or MP4 file. That would require hours more of my time. Adobe After Effects has monthly pricing plans. If I could figure out how to use one of the free templates well it might be worth it. In my case using is going to come out to a similar price.

The kit did have some paints that were dried out. It did probably sit unused at home for over a year. I mixed some acrylic paints I had to try to match the colors that ran out or were dried out. Some of them looked like exact matches for a few of the paint-by-number colors. At times, it was actually a little frustrating because it required the smallest paint brush to fill in these small shapes on the canvas. It came already on the stretcher bars. I added hooks and wire to the back and have it hanging on a sticky damage free utility hook. Although I did have one of those hooks remove paint when I took it off the wall. I do not know if this is a famous place or painting and what the correct name of it would be. I have seen paint by numbers of famous paintings. This is a painting of a bridge in a park in autumn. It is possible there are no maple trees in the painting. When I internet searched that came up. In the painting you cannot tell what type of tree some of the trees are. There are definitely some trees that are not maple trees in this paint-by number. I am still not sure how I am going to sign and date this. In the future, I will post an update as to how I signed and dated this piece. It was probably finished around October 2017. I recently added a DecoArt (R) gloss varnish and it has added somewhat of a shine to it. Towards the end of painting this I started using the paint more generously so I think some of it looks like it has texture and in other areas I think the paint looks a little too thin. Partly because I added water to some of the paint that was dried out. There is definitely something therapeutic about craft projects. They sort of calm and focus you and are good stress relief. This was a nice and enjoyable experience.

Finished Maple Leaf Park Paint-By-Number

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  1. I took this video off of YouTube because I am not 100% sure if this is a public domain or copyright free artwork. When I purchased the paint-by-number kit I was not aware of public domain issues that well. I will take down this post if it is not allowed and apologize for the mistake. Going forward I am only posting public domain artwork kits on YouTube and here, my blog, and or posting artwork that is uniquely my own.

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